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Sjöbergs Hefilbekkur: Elite 2000


Hágæða hefilbekkur frá Sjöbergs í Svíþjóð - 4 stálhundar fylgja - Heildarlengd: 1945mm með 600mm disk - Heildarbreidd: 740mm - Þykkt: 85mm - Vinnuhæð: 900m - Þyngd: 125 kg
Vara: S33458
Verð: 296.500 Kr.
Á lager: 999

Sjobergs Elite 2000 Cabinetmaker's Bench

  • Designed and built by Swedish craftsmen
  • European beech top
  • Available as bench only or complete with storage module SM04
  • Treated with a premium quality finishing oil 
  • Vices provide enormous clamping power
  • Double row of dog holes
  • Supplied with two vices and four steel bench dogs

Sjobergs Elite cabinetmaker benches are designed and built by experienced Swedish craftsmen. Constructed in European beech; the top is 85mm thick with a 110mm apron, ready treated with a premium quality enriching finishing oil. The specially developed vices provide enormous clamping power across their 600mm (23.1/2") width, as well as providing amazing clamping speed, accuracy and smoothness. A double row of 25mm (1") round dogs work from both vices and across the full worktop area of 1,805 x 600mm. (Overall bench dimensions 1,945 x 740mm). The vices have an opening capacity of 145mm (5.3/4"). Supplied with top, trestle and four unbreakable round steel bench dogs which can also be used in the trestle legs. Please note: Available as bench only or complete with storage module SM04.



MeasurementsLength 1805 mm disc 
Overall length 1945 mm 
width 600 mm disc 
Overall Width 740 mm 
Thickness 85 mm slice 
thickness leading edge 110 mm 
Maximum aperture of pliers 145 mm 
Working height 900 mm
Weight125.0 kg