Karfan þín er tóm.
Gedeo afsteypusett fyrir minningar


Flott afsteypusett til að geta mótað minningar sem munu vera með barninu alla ævi. Getið t.d. mótað handarfar eða sett einhverja minjagripi í kassann.
Vara: 766020
Verð: 4.965 Kr.
Á lager: 999

Contains: * 1 x Brown wooded box with metal hinges and magnetic closure * 80gr special, non toxic, non sticky casting paste. * 1 x wooden roller * 1 x set of cards for writing baby memories. * 1 x Instruction flyer A Souvenir box for your baby....... Personalised with baby's hand or footprint, this box will hold all of its most precious memories... hospital bracelet and hat, first dummy and baby teeth. A special place for all of the treasures of childhood. Safe for contact with skin, non- sticky, messy residue. Below are an improved instructions from what is in the Pebeo guide. Instructions

1) Preparation - Wash and dry hands to keep resin clean. - Open package and with your hands roll resin plaster into a ball to remove any air bubble in it. - Put cling film in the bottom of the indent in the box lid, and put the ball onto the film. - Spread the resin plaster with the rolling pin until it fits the indented square,14 x 14cm square (1cm thick), you can use your hands to help you with this, if needed.

2) Start Printing - Wash and dry, baby's hand or foot. - Attempt to open their fingers or toes to get a nice impression. - Lightly press the fingers and palm ( or toes and foot) to make a solid imprint. - Gently remove the hand or foot. If the impression is not as desired, simply start over. The resin has about 30 minutes before it starts to dry out so you have time to perfect it. - If you cant quite get the toes/fingers to depress deep enough you can use a spoon handle to deepen them where the toe outline is.

3) Finishing - Use your hands to perfect any imperfections that might have occurred when making imprint. - Use your fingers to remove any creases in the surface of the resin. At this point you can write your baby's name or anything else you want in the plaster, using a spoon handle.

4) Drying - The resin plaster will begin to dry out after 30 minutes and will be completely dry in 2-3 days. - Leave the plaster to dry inside your lid and regularly check on it so you can reshape it, as plaster will slightly shrink and may curl up, but can easily be manipulated during drying, without damaging the imprint. - During the drying process you can remove the bottom cling film, you will feel when it can come off. Alternatively you can simply cut the excess off at the end.

5) Customization - After the imprint has completely dried, glue it to the top of the lid, using a good super glue. - If desired you can paint the resin once dry, glue sequins or whatever you wish. - Glue a photo of your baby inside the lid of the box The Baby's Memories Box is then ready to welcome all the special memories. Use the note cards to write the baby's Firsts such as dates of their first tooth, first words and first steps. You can also use the cards to include any special thoughts and wishes for the baby, to complete the collection of precious memories.