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Hermes Brýnslufilma: 1200grid


Ál oxíð límfilma - Stærð: 2,5*100m - Grófleiki: 1200gr - Hægt að nota með bæði olíu og vatni - Frábært vara til brýnslu - Mjög erfitt að rífa.
Vara: 502727
Verð: 1.844 Kr. / Stk
Á lager: 999

Hermes Self Adhesive Abrasive Film

  • Aluminium Oxide resin bonded abrasive film
  • An excellent self adhesive abrasive for many uses
  • Can be used with oil or water as a lubricant
  • Great product for tool sharpening
  • Available in 800, 1,200 & 2,500 grit
  • Highly tear-resistant and uniform polyester film

The use of abrasives for sharpening hand tools is becoming increasingly popular and due to the very sharp edges produced it is often referred to as "scary sharpening". We are pleased to say that we have now sourced a very versatile and durable abrasive film which is excellent for this application. Simply peel off the backing and attach the abrasive to a known flat surface, such as piece of float glass or granite surface plate and then by using a honing guide excellent results can be obtained. The Aluminium Oxide resin bonded abrasive, which is available in a range of grits can be lubricated with either oil or water and it is also great for flattening the soles of bench planes. Makes a great non-slip surface for jig making and for sharpening carving tools, simply wrap some around a profiled block of timber and you can get a great edge on those too.