Karfan þín er tóm.
Bolta Skrúfur 50stk: M4 - 35mm


Zinkhúðað stál - Númer: M4 - Lengd: 35mm - Magn: 50stk
Vara: 503377
Verð: 945 Kr.
Á lager: 999

MetalSpur Hex Head Set Screws (Full Thread)

  • Medium tensile set bolts with full thread
  • Full deep head for strength and grip
  • Suitable for many assembly tasks
  • Very handy to have around the workshop
  • Full thread allows the bolt to be cut if required
  • Made to DIN933 standard
  • Packs of 50

Medium tensile bolts, fully threaded in a range of useful sizes. Full deep hex head for the best grip that is much less prone to rounding and slippage than others with thin heads. Suitable for many assembly tasks and very handy to have around the workshop. Threaded along the whole length of the stem, so can be shortened to suit a particular task. Made to DIN933 standard. Packs of 50.