Karfan þín er tóm.

Demantsbrýni Grófur - 325gr


Grófur steinn sem kemur í fallegu leðurhulstri. Má brýna þurrt eða með vatni. Stærð steins: 4" x 7/8"
Vara: W4C
Verð: 4.965 Kr. / Stk
Á lager: 999

DMT Knife Sharpener, W4 Coarse Pocket Diamond Knife Sharpener, DMT-W4CDMT Knife Sharpener, W4 Coarse Pocket Diamond Knife Sharpener. This DMT diamond coated knife sharpener features the DMT trademark distinctive hole break up pattern. They utilize 325 grit Monocrystalline diamonds that are securely bonded in nickel, and then are electroplated onto the perforated stainless steel plate; all of which is supported by a lightweight fiberglass reinforced polycarbonate base. This makes for an efficient lightweight knife sharpener.Unlike a conventional knife sharpener, a DMT Sharpener stays perfectly flat for precise sharpening, won't develop grooves or hollows, and never needs dressing. They work perfectly well dry, but water may be used as a lubricant. Oil is not recommended.A diamond knife sharpener is almost a requirement to cut and finish today's high-tech, high-chrome blade steels that can easily reach 60-62 Rockwell. If you have had a hard time sharpening stainless steel, and are currently using Arkansas or similar stones, switching to a diamond knife sharpener may solve your problem.Features: 4" x 7/8" 325 mesh diamond sharpening surface, and high quality leather pocket pouch.