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Mylands Sprittbæsir - Grænn: 250ml


Magn: 250ml - Yfirborðsefni á við - Mylands Sprittbæs hefur verið mótað af völdum leysiefna og létt fljótandi litarefna.
Vara: 117668572/06
Verð: 2.878 Kr.
Á lager: 999


Mylands Light Fast Stain has been formulated on selected solvents and light fast dyes to give a stain that is both light fast and non-grain raising. The selection of solvents enables the stain to be applied by rag or brush and “rag off”. With over 20 colours to choose from, the stains can be inter-mixed to give you the precise shade you require. Let the Light Fast Stain dry thoroughly and apply 3 coats of Mylac Floor Lacquer over the top.