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Veritas Bekkhundur með Læsingu


Frá Veritas - Hundar sem má læsa í stöðu.
Vara: 05G2212
Verð: 6.424 Kr.
Á lager: 999


Veritas Bench Blade With Locking Post

You could be fooled in to thinking that this is just another bench dog, but it is not. Called the Bench Blade due to its flat design and very low profile, this bench dog has a cam operated sliding jaw allowing it to clamp as well as hold work in position. The Bench Blade has a projection of only 6.35mm above the work surface ensuring that it is well out of the way when planing or sanding. The moving jaw has a range of 6.35mm with positive stops at 3.17mm and 6.35mm. Even with this small movement range, the Bench Blade is capable of exerting 300lbs of clamping pressure. The jaw face is angled at 5 degrees, giving a better grip on the work. The Bench Blade is mounted on a 19mm diameter wedge-lock shaft. Rather than simply sliding into a dog hole, the wedge-lock system allows the Bench Blade to be locked in position meaning that this bench dog can be used vertically as well as horizontally without any risk of it falling out. Comes supplied with allen key.