Karfan þín er tóm.

Rohde Glerofn: FE600


600 lítra topphlaðinn ofn frá Rohde í Þýskalandi. Hillur og stýring fylgja ekki - Þyngd: 560kg - Hámarkshiti: 1000°C - 15kW - Innanmál: 170*85*41cm - Vinnuhæð: 80cm
Vara: FE600

Flokkur: Ofnar
Vörumerki Rohde
Verðbil 800+ Þúsund
Áhugasvið Gler
Rúmmál 500-600 Lítra
Verð: 1.814.258 Kr.
Á lager: 999

The ROHDE Fusing kiln series FE 

This ROHDE Fusing kiln series uses the latest kiln technology and enables you to process glass safely and effectively. 
Our fusing kilns are designed according to modern design 
principles using state-of-the-art materials. The entire steel 
structure is warp-resistant. Components which are exposed 
to heat regularly are made of stainless steel.
The stable steering castors allow maximum flexiblity when 
organising your workshop (for FE 75 / 100 only at base 
The lids of kiln sizes 75 to 1000 are equipped with pressure 
springs, whiche makes opening the lid very easy and safe.
All ROHDE fusing kilns are also available with an electric 
lid opening mechanism.
The insulation design of our fusing kilns combines a solid 
working surface made of insulating firebricks (fibre mat 
coating optional) and an excellently crafted fibre lid.
We are particularly careful to give our fibre material a 
clean and abrasion-resistant surface, in order to prevent 
unnecessary contamination of your goods.
The spyholes are located at the sides of the kiln preventing 
repeated contamination, as you don't have to open the lid, 
and it also offers the best possible overview on the entire 
firing chamber.
The Fusing Kiln FE 1800 is designed as a hood kiln with 
portal construction. The kiln hood is lifted up vertically by 
a manually operated mechanism. 
This facilitates handling pieces with large surfaces as well 
as charging the entire kiln with compact parts. The working 
table of these models can be moved around freely when 
the hood has been lifted. Optionally the hood can also be 
lifted with a hydraulic mechanism.
All fusing kilns are equipped with high-grade infrared quartz 
radiators, the operation is controlled by Solid State Relays. 
These relays switch absolutly soundless and are only subject 
to minimal wear. The combination of fibre insulation, 
heating by quartz radiators and power control with Solid 
State Relays allow a very exact and safe firing process.