Karfan þín er tóm.
Nabertherm Framhlaðinn: N200


Frá Nabertherm í Þýskalandi. Kemur með stýringu. Hitar frá 5 hliðum - Hágæða ofn - Langt vinnslulíf - Slökknar á ofni er hurð er opin - Hitnar ekki að utan. Hitnar að 1300° Celsíus. Innra ummál: 500*530*720mm. Sjá nánar frá framleiðanda:
Vara: N200

Flokkur: Ofnar
Vörumerki Nabertherm
Verðbil 800+ Þúsund
Áhugasvið Gler
Rúmmál 150-200 Lítra
Verð: 1.223.842 Kr.
Á lager: 999



N 100 - N 660/H

First-class craftsmanship, professional design, long service life and excellent temperature uniformity – these are a few of the reasons our kiln models N100 to N 660/H are our best sellers to everyone looking for a professional kiln. These furnaces have proven their worth trough the years, firing porcelain, stoneware and annealing glass. You will find these kilns in industry as well as in ceramic workshops, studios, clinics, schools and private homes – practically every place where a rugged, capable of frequent firings and excellent temperature uniformity is required.


Top quality:

•Heated from 5 sides

•Heating elements of support tubes provide for free radiation of the heat

•High quality heating wire with optimal thickness and length results in long life time

•Special arrangement of the heating elements for optimal temperature uniformity

•Silicon Carbide floor plate protects floor elements and provides a level setting surface

•Solid-state power control relays for silent operation (N 100.. - N 300..)

•Fast power switching for precise temperature uniformity

•Thermocouple Type S

•Door safety switch shuts down power to the elements when the door is opened

•Multi-layered lining with light weight insulating bricks and microporus insulation for a cooler shell and low power consumption

•Rugged, self-supporting, vaulted arch construction

•“Cool-touch” double-walled housing with stainless steel side panels (N 100.. - N 300..)

•Clean, professional design enhances your image

•Solid, double-walled door with wear-resistant, precision-made “brick-on-brick” door seal (N 100.. - N 300..)

•Adjustable door with clamping wheels for easy, tight sealing and padlock hasp

•Environment-friendly, long-life powder-coating of housing

•Attractive, durable, environmentally friendly powder-coating

•Infinitely adjustable air inlet opening in the floor

•Delivery includes pipe connection for connecting an air outlet (80 mm diameter)

•GS safety mark for controlled safety, CE

•Base included for N 100.. - N 300..

•Manual-Zone-Regulation for sophisticated firing solutions as an option

•Other sizes or custom designs available on request

3-4 week delivery time if not in stock


ModelTmaxInt. W(mm)Int. D(mm)Int. H(mm)Ext. W(mm)Ext. D(mm)Ext. H(mm)Output(kW)PhaseVolume(Lt) Weight(kg)