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Útskurðarstandur Axminster


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Vara: 100236
Verð: 22.450 Kr. / Stk
Á lager: 999

General purpose use Rugged and versatile Cast iron body and base Knurling on shaft Description This is a general purpose carving vice which offers a combination of ruggedness, versatility, ease of use and low cost. The body and base are made from cast iron and the mounting plate and other components are steel. Particular attention has been paid to the rigidity of the mounting plate and its stem which can be a source of flexing on less well made vices. The 125mm diameter mounting plate has 16 holes for the mounting screws, arranged in 3 concentric circles. The combination of heavy duty steel clamping handle, knurling on the shaft and serrations on the clamping faces ensures that nothing will move under onslaught from the mallet. The height excluding the mounting plate is 200mm. The vice is operated with the supplied Tommy bar, but for ease of use, a 'C' Spanner which is available as an accessory gives additional leverage and is a worthwhile upgrade.