Karfan þín er tóm.
Penslar Íkorna 3stk


3 penslar í stærðum 4,8 og 12. Mjög mjúkir og gefa frá sér frábærar línur, þægilegir í notkun.
Vara: 853198
Verð: 1.265 Kr.
Á lager: 999

no 4, - 18cm no 8, - 18.5cm no 12 - 19.5cm “Pure Squirrel is a very soft, fine hair with great colour retention. The tip of the brush head forms a perfect point when it is wet and rounds out when the paint is applied”. Brushes: Pure squirrel hair, soft, very fine, shorter, full bodied brush head. Ferrule: Stainless steel Handle: Short handle, red lacquered. Brush head shapes: round fine point and oval. Quality: springy, silky, good colour retention, pointed Uses: watercolours, washdrawings, silk paints. ROUND TIP Round brush heads are used to paint detail, using the tip of the brush; lines can be thickened by putting pressure on the brush. The paint brush is the extension of the artist's hand. It is an essential tool, as important as the surface and the colour. As a paint specialist, Pébéo has always strived to combine quality, innovation and the latest technology. These characteristics are reflected in the range of Pébéo paint brushes, providing users with the ideal solution for them to express their creativity without any restraint.