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Steypujárn og rekaviður - Festist á borð að hámarksþykkt 35mm.
Vara: 505599
Verð: 13.352 Kr.
Á lager: 999

Bench Peg & Anvil

  • Cast iron and beechwood
  • Clamps to a table or workbench, max thickness 35mm
  • Jeweller’s saw board and anvil

This useful device has a multifunctional use for the serious jewellery maker or silversmith. Firstly, there’s a beechwood sawing board which slides into a heavy cast iron boss. Once in place, the boss can be clamped by means of a tommy bar to a table or workbench with a maximum thickness of 35mm. Secondly, the surface of the boss (80 x 70mm) has been ground flat allowing it to be used as a convenient anvil. It should be noted that before use as a saw board, a 'V' shape would be required to be made in the beech insert.