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Rofi fyrir Vélar að 1,5 hestöfl


Miðlungs stór NVR rofi fyrir vélar að 1,5 hp - Algengur rofi fyrir margar trésmíða vélar og þá sérstaklega rennibekki. Sjá nánar neðar.
Vara: 950697
Verð: 5.599 Kr.
Á lager: 999

KEDU KJD12 Switch 230V 1ph

  • Medium sized NVR switch for motors up to 1.5hp
  • Common replacement switch for many woodworking machines, especially lathes
  • Simple to connect with clearly marked terminals
  • Dust cover and positive action push buttons
  • Large hinging Emergency Stop locking cover
  • Rated at 16amp

The KJD12 230V switch is commonly used on small woodworking machines. Rated at 16 amp, it will be suitable for induction motors up to 1.5hp. Simply connect using insulated spade terminals, the connections being clearly marked for input and output. It is a no-volt-release type of switch, providing safety in the event of an interruption of power. Requires a rectangular hole approximately 40 x 60mm, the switch being secured by 2 mounting bolts (not supplied). Fitted with a dust cover and having positive action push buttons plus a large, red self locking Emergency Stop hinging cover.